Top 7 .io Games And Why They’re So Popular


Despite only being in the early alpha stage of its development, is easily one of the most fleshed out and player populated .io games currently available. The action begins immediately and never lets up, as I learned quickly as my tank was dropped by parachute into the desert only to be under fire, skirting landmines and dodging air strikes the second I was on the ground. Once I found my feet, or perhaps more fittingly, tracks, I found was an excellent blend of firing on the enemy, speeding for cover and deploying air support as quickly as possible to try and buy myself a few extra seconds of not being on fire.


A favourite web game of mine, even before I began researching for this list, has more recently seen the success of the previously mentioned, and is similar in many ways. Players start life as a blue dot equipped with a single shot weapon. As they destroy the small coloured blocks around them, the dot can be upgraded to be faster, or shoot further, or just have more health, and eventually the option is given to diversify into specific classes, and hunt larger prey. The action develops with the player, starting small and shooting the nearby coloured squares and eventually growing into the most powerful player in the game.


As a fan of was a fantastic experience. In many ways, plays very similarly, with players attempting to force the other snakes to drive into their side head first to destroy them, at the same time consuming as many colourful pellets as they can to extend their snake, all whilst trying to avoid the being destroyed themselves. However, if that didn’t sound chaotic enough for you, takes it a stage further and allows you to fire lasers from your face, perfect.


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